2 thoughts on “Join the Experience

  1. Did the SNAP Experience and the first three days were really filled with compassion and love towards families that have no other choice. It was easy for me during the times that I planned meals at home. That was a SNAP, good and very easy meals. However, going out was a way different story, I kept adjusting my amount allocated. It was not a true “sacrafice” because I always knew I did have a choice to spend more money. I had every intent to stay within the $12.00 allocated to eat out but failed miserably. There were a few times though that I passed buying the cookie and the coffee. It felt as if I was passing o those items for a bigger reason. I know how difficult it is for many of families to be able to earn enough money to pay their bills and put food on their tables. It really made me ralize how wasteful I am.

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