In Your Words: Before the SNAP Experience Begins

September 14, 2012 (Friday)

Before the SNAP Experience begins, I have spent about 10 hours researching the best prices and finding coupons I could use for the week.  I looked at newspaper ads and visited stores for good information on prices.

Working on a tight budget is not what I am used to.  I regularly shop where and when I want and purchase what I want.  I am not normally extravagant but do well in eating.

Just preparing for the Experience has been a challenge.  I can see where I need to cut and what foods I need to buy.  I am fortunate since I have some training about how to “make do” with little.  I still am anxious about the SNAP experience and worry a little about the end of next week, when the food will be limited and no money is available.

Tomorrow, September 15, will be an early shopping day.  I want to find the best deals from Fry’s, Food City, Bashas’, and Sprouts, then return home to cook some meals.  I work full-time from Monday through Friday and know that if I do not have meals ready, I will be tempted to “cheat” and, possibly, go out for dinner, which is not possible on the $29 I have for the week.

More later.



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