In Your Words: Mayor Stanton

In this experiment, the first thing I am struck by is the importance of planning.
Suddenly, I can’t just push my cart through the aisles at the grocery store and grab whatever looks good- that’s my usual MO.  I eat healthy, but now I realize how much I eat out (not allowed) and purchase ready-to-eat foods like rotisserie chicken (also not allowed).  Just think about my daily coffee fix! No stopping at the corner shop—I’ve got to brew my own now and even that seems a bit extravagant, at $6.99 a pound, that’s a big bite out of the $29 budget. It’s going to be a challenge, as a busy working person, to not rely on drive-throughs and convenience foods.  I’ll have to plan menus, cook ahead for the week, and still eat a balanced diet.

– Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton


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