In Your Words: Saturday, September 15th

Saturday, September 15

Aw, Saturday morning. I can sleep late, then enjoy several cups of coffee with flavored creamer! Drat! Coffee and creamer are not on my new weekly food budget of $29. I am taking the SNAP Challenge and that is my budget for one person for one week. There is some kind of $12 supplement you can claim, but I am determined I can make it on just the $29.

Also, I have nothing to eat as I didn’t get my shopping done before the start of the challenge! Fortunately I sat down and did some planning last night and still had the food ads from Wednesday. (Note: food ads may be available at the library and definitely are online; public computers also available at the library.) Had to go to two stores–Safeway and Albertson’s, but both are within a mile of my house.

Based on their advertised specials here is my proposed food plan for the week:

Breakfast  – Raisin bran cereal and milk and piece of fruit or two eggs with toast

Lunch — peanut butter sandwich and piece of fruit or leftovers from dinner

Dinner — Pinto beans over Spanish rice and lettuce/tomato salad

eggplant/zucchini/onion stir fry

chicken drumsticks, white potato and green salad

chicken stew made with drumsticks, potato, carrots and peas

egg and veggie frittata, may have to have twice depending on leftovers from other meals

fettuccini with tuna and peas

Hmm, as for the breakfasts and lunches, I eat the same thing day after day anyway. Dinners actually look pretty good–not boring. I will need to be careful of my serving sizes so that I don’t eat something I will need for another meal. Actually looks like pretty healthful eating as no junk food allowed on my budget, no alcohol, no coffee. This morning I scored a teabag! that I found on the floor of my car. I figured I could use it as anyone might find something laying around in their car!

Here is what I bought:

Albertson’s was offering a bunch of stuff for $1

can of pinto beans – 69 cents

whole loaf of wheat bread – $1

one gallon of 1% milk – $1.67

bag of frozen peas – $1

one large zucchini – .73

one whole eggplant – $1

three roma tomatoes – .55

one bartlet pear – .50 bag of carrots – $1

two white potatoes – 1.21 (darn, just noticed I was charged $1.49/lb.

and it was supposed to be $1)

one bag garden salad mix – $1 (I wouldn’t normally eat iceberg lettuce)


From Safeway:

six pack of applesauce cups – $1.99 (thought this would be easier for lunch)

Kellog’s raisin bran – $1.49 (with online coupon)

Spanish rice mix – .89

fettuccini mix – .89

Skippy peanut butter 1.89 (I scored on this one as it was on sale for 2.99, but they had left a sign on the shelf saying $1.10 off, so they gave it to me)

chicken drumsticks – $3.55 (I only wanted to spend $3, but this was the smallest package I could find. They were on sale for $1/lb.

one apple – .69

five bananas – 1.24

one shell raspberries – $1 (a treat!)

I forgot a couple of things and got off in my thinking. While at the store I thought I only had $25 to spend so put the eggs back. I actually have $3.65 to spend so will get eggs and can of tuna I forgot ($1.88 & $1).

Let’s see how it goes!




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