In Your Words: Saturday

September 15, 2012 (Saturday)

Shopped this AM from 8:10 to 10:20.  Went to Food City, Fry’s, and Sprouts.  Food City was a pleasant surprise since, in addition to the sale items, we found some good bargains and did well on the budget.  Fry’s had some good sale items and I bought some staples to round out the menu.  Sprout’s just had two items but the sale prices were good.

Spent a total of $26 on the entire week’s menu.  Did well.

Returned home and cooked from 11:00 to about 2:30.  Beans are still cooking.

Made spaghetti sauce, easy red beans and rice, tuna salad, egg salad, and the beans.  Roasted a 4 pound chicken which will serve as the main protein in one meal, chicken salad for another meal, and stock for a soup at the end of the week, using leftover items.  This is the 3 Meal Chicken recipe I use at work.

Ate a little tuna salad for lunch with an orange.  Did not eat what was planned since I was busy cooking.  Pleased with all the menu items except the red beans and rice.  A little gummy, which may be from the brown rice.  Tastes fine but the texture is not what I like.

Do not know yet what I will eat for dinner but will probably be the chicken or spaghetti with a nice salad.

I did spend a great deal of time cooking today.  That helps for the week but does make it difficult to get other things chores done.  Would have to work that out if really on a tight budget.

Started the day at 173 lbs.  Will be checking to see if I lose or gain weight during the week.

– Ed


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