In Your Words: There Will Be Food, Just Not What I Want

September 16, 2012

Brought bananas on sale for 33 cents a pound.  That rounds out my fruit and vegetables for the week.  I have $2.61 left from the original $29.  Will save it in case I need something later on.

One thing I realized is that my dairy will not be what I want it to be this week.  Not enough money to buy cheese, yogurt or sour cream and I do not drink milk.  Hopefully, the vitamins and minerals will be there in other foods.

So, last night I ate part of the roasted chicken, pan-fried potatoes and a small salad.  Water to drink.

Today, I had coffee and a homemade tortilla with peanut butter for breakfast; tuna salad and sliced tomatoes for lunch with water to drink; dinner will probably be the spaghetti sauce I made yesterday, with some whole wheat pasta and a small salad; water again.

No snacks today, so far, which is difficult since I am used to eating snacks.  Am thinking that I will make some potato chips – bought a 10 pound bag of potatoes yesterday for 99 cents – to see if they can be used as snacks.  I do have some cut up celery and carrots to last me the week in salads and snacks.

After shopping, I am feeling better about making it through the week.  There will be enough food; it just may not be what I want to eat.

– Ed


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