In Your Words: I Think I Will Be Ok.

September 17, 2012

Yesterday, we made fresh potato chips from two potatoes. The potatoes made about 200 chips which were crisp and tasty – a nice snack. Did not eat all the chips and they held up fine overnight. Had bean burritos with the pinto beans and home-made tortillas for dinner. Very good and a good use of the beans but not quite enough food for me. I like cheese, salsa and sour cream with my burritos so the dish was a little disappointing, which is to be expected.

Today, I had coffee for breakfast (my usual) and egg salad, whole-wheat crackers, celery and carrot sticks, an apple and banana for lunch. Dinner was the spaghetti sauce, whole-wheat pasta, and a small salad. Had plenty and the sauce was good but did not have the amount of sausage I would normally use. I realize I have enough food for the week. There may even be some spaghetti sauce and beans/rice dishes left over.

Although I would not want to do this every week, I think I will be OK.

Weighed 170 in the evening.

– Chef Ed


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