In Your Words: More for Sustenance Than Enjoyment

September 19, 2012

Weighed 169 this morning.

Eating OK today but dinner tonight was extremely dry for me.  I don’t know if it is the change in diet or just some dryness in the food.  Also, I crave sweets; I don’t normally eat sweets but I have wanted some good pastries and/or candies.  Can’t get either with the money I have left and am not going to bake anything when I get home from work.

Had coffee for breakfast; chicken salad (with the roasted chicken I did on Saturday), veggies sticks, crackers, an apple and a banana for lunch.

Had some peanut butter and crackers (5) about 10 AM and that helped me get through the morning.  Peanut butter is my “go to” snack and it tastes pretty good right now.

Dinner was a chicken leg and a nice salad with lettuce, carrots, Mexican squash, yellow squash, onions, about ¼ of a roasted beet, and hard-boiled eggs.  I also had two of the home-made tortillas, which are still good.  An orange rounded out the meal.  I heated some of the left-over pan fried potatoes but they were not to my liking and I only ate about 2 bites.

I have four eggs left which may be my dinner tomorrow night – scrambled with the potatoes and onions.  Maybe the last tomato tossed in for some moisture.

So, doing OK.  Finding that food is more for sustenance than for enjoyment now.  I know I need to eat but little I have appeals to me.  Two more days to go.  I would be in trouble if I did this every week.

I went to the blog today to see what others were saying.  Nice work, everyone!  It’s great to see people taking this to heart and getting a taste of what living on a tight food budget really means.  Thanks.

– Chef Ed


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