In Your Words: A Little Wobbly

September 20, 2012

Weighed 168 this morning.  Not too bad.

Had my usual coffee for breakfast; lunch was beans and rice, crackers, veggie sticks, apple and banana.  Dinner was a concoction of 2 eggs, leftover pan-fried potatoes, a little onion, some brown rice and some beans (both leftovers).  Added two of the home made tortillas and the meal was OK.  Better than last night.   Finished with an orange, which was a little dry but palatable.

Found myself a little wobbly this morning and afternoon.  Feel I am eating enough but maybe not the right stuff.  Had the snack of peanut butter and crackers in the AM and that helped.  PM was a bit rougher and I really was sleepy mid-afternoon.

One more day to go.

Some of my co-workers commented on my different lunch menu yesterday.  “What – no ham and cheese sandwich?”  I briefly explained about the SNAP experience but they were really not interested.  One person said, “Well, some people eat on only $16.00 a week.” and the other one just said, “Oh.”   I did not comment and just continued eating.


I plan to finish off the week with a soup made from the left over chicken, stock from the carcass, left over rice, celery and carrots; some spices, salt and pepper.  My salad will be the lettuce, my remaining tomato, some sliced onions, what is left of the roasted beet, and an oil and vinegar dressing.  I do have two eggs left; could put into the salad also.

Almost forgot.  I have not eaten this much peanut butter since I was very young.  While I was getting my afternoon snack after work today (yes – peanut butter and crackers) – I saw that I have used up about 2/3 of the jar so far.  I normally eat that much in about 6 months.  But, the peanut butter carried me through some rough minutes so I am grateful.

I looked at the blog and saw so many people working toward the same goal.  Very nice!  I think we can all appreciate how difficult it is to live on a limited budget and how much our lifestyle changes.  Great work everyone!

-Chef Ed


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