In Your Words: Final Thoughts

September 21, 2012

The Experience is over with today.  I am glad I participated and shared.  Not my normal to do either so that is good.

Some thoughts:  I could plan better so that I have less food but more choices.  I grew tired of the food I prepared.  Buying in the quantities was good; I just do not need to prepare as much as I did for each item.  I have leftovers that I do not feel like eating and they will not keep.  I know people living on a limited budget would not get rid of the food, but it will not do for me right now.

I can make less of each item and not cook everything ahead of time.  While cooking ahead is good, it limited my choices and I might have created some different dishes if pressed to do so.

I can include some dairy – cheese and yogurt would be good choices.  Maybe just a little so that I am not “dairy-hungry” toward the end of the week.

I can include some kind of sweets – either home baked or a small selection of bulk candy from a place like Sprouts’ so that my sweets’ craving will be taken care of.

I did get to feeling pretty bad by the end of the week so taking better care of myself will also be important.  I noticed a depleted energy level and, also, some “wobbles” as I ran though my daily routine.  Tried not to be grouchy but I know that I have been at times.

Peanut butter is a good item to have on hand.  It helps hunger by taking the edge off, especially when I am craving more food.

So, I am finished.  I think I may be a little bit better person for the experience.  I know my awareness is heightened and I am more grateful for what I have.

Thanks to all the participants and, especially, the ones who posted on the blog.  When I was feeling a bit depressed, I went to the blog and it helped me through the depression.

Also, seeing so many people participate was really good.  You are terrific!

– Chef Ed


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