MyPlate and SNAP

On June 2, 2011, USDA unveiled their new recommendations for healthy eating. Called MyPlate, the daily serving suggestions are graphically represented on a picture of a plate which is divided into different sections according to food group. MyPlate recommendations and information can be found online at the USDA’s Choose My Plate site.

Since the unveiling of MyPlate, questions have been raised regarding how feasible the suggestions are for many households, particularly those who are low-income and/or receiving SNAP benefits. ACAA has decided to put those questions to the test and ask our SNAP Experience participants to use the MyPlate guidelines for meal planning and preparation during the week of the Experience. We’d love to hear your thoughts – both before and after you complete the Experience – about how easy or difficult it is to follow MyPlate guidelines on a SNAP budget. Please be sure to email reflections to

As you prepare for the Experience, below are some articles from the media to get you thinking about MyPlate and low-income households:

NPR: USDA’s Advice For Eating Right Is Hard On The Wallet

MSNBC: Healthy Eating Adds $380 To Yearly Grocery Bill, Study Shows

PBS News Hour: Healthy Eating: Good for Your Body, Bad for Your Bottom Line?



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