Tips and Resources

The key to healthy eating on a tight budget is planning well. As you prepare for the SNAP Experience, you may want to consider doing some or all of the following:

– Using coupons (but if you have to buy a newspaper, consider whether you would have the money to do so on your tight budget);

– Shopping sales;

– Buying items closer to the expiration date, when many stores mark them down but they are still safe to consume;

– Shopping local and in season produce to get the best quality and flavor and, often, the best price;

– Using in-store discounts, such as loyalty cards or matching in-store to manufacturer coupons;

– Shopping on special discount days if you qualify (i.e. senior discounts);

– Comparing the prices of fresh, frozen, and canned produce to get the best deal.

You may want to consider looking at store ads, planning your meals for the week, and shopping from a list to contain costs. Keep in mind you can use seasonings and pantry staples you already have on hand, within reason.

For more tips on eating healthy on a budget, check out some of the resources below:

Environmental Working Group and Share Our Strength: Good Food on a Tight Budget Shopping Guide and Recipes.

Fox Business: Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget

Forbes: Eating Healthy on a Budget

USDA Resource Library: Meal Planning, Shopping, and Budgeting


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